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Oliver Queen - well dressed, not dressed and vigilante outfit

(which way do you prefer?)

love is the most powerful emotion and that makes it the most dangerous

Ramsay said four of the producers had “tears coming down their faces”, “they were just bawling” as they were watching the porch scene in “Still”


Particularly in the moment Beth is talking about wanting Hershel to just grow old.

Emily also said Beth was really looking at the reality of her situation in that porch scene with “That’s how unbelievably stupid I am” line.  Looking at things in a more “adult way”.  

Ramsay also said, “in the back half”, Beth is “more of the adult than Daryl”, at least up until the porch scene and Daryl “begins to really catch up with her.”

“ One taught the other how to fight, and one taught the other how to feel. ”  Norman Reedus


new favourite gif


new favourite gif

For the production, it was really fun. The makeup department had fun. We were trying to decide what nail color and what make up to use. And then we had great fun with the outfit. Everyone had their thoughts and we found the one we loved. With the hair I had the idea of crimping it up. We had so much fun putting together who Michonne was before. She had an alternative vibe to her but liked to be cute. She wasn’t trying to wear Gucci or Prada. She had her own hip energy. 

Danai Gurira on After

"I brought Amy out here because we’re about to introduce Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, our next two presenters and it’s a big deal to introduce them. So because of that, we wanted to make sure we gave them the best possible introduction so we wrote a bunch of them and if you don’t mind, we’re just going to read through them now."

Sara Lance in season two episode seventeen, “Birds of Prey



booty vs booty

I’m always amazed how much control Chris has over that shield. When Tom turns it is swinging around uncontrollably, while in Chris’ hand it stays perfectly still.