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gif meme: amyknope asked for jefferson + clothing




David, you man child.

All this time you’ve been lost to me in purgatory. Now I’ve finally found you.

get to know me meme: [2/6] female characters » britta perry

I am a phony. I try to act compassionate because i’m afraid that i’m not.

Skillet - Don't Wake Me
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Skillet - “Don’t Wake Me”

Love this song!

Andy and Emily having a nice little chat

enchanted + costumes





I sometimes wonder if Americans get this part of the film, because basically all the Swans in England belong to the Queen and it’s against the law to kill one, and because they’re Police Officers, they obviously can’t break the law so they save the Swan

I am an american and I had no idea thank

I am british and I had no idea thank

I just thought that they saved the swan to used it as a kickass sidekick because…. dude swans are cut throat.

Requested by anonymous.

You play this character, this villainous character, in almost such an effortless way. Do you like to explore that side of Bucky a little more than the other part of him that you portrayed in the first film?